Life is Movement

Did you know that your muscles hold memories?  

From the way we sit, stand and walk, we are continually storing memories.   For example, if we are hunched over a computer, over time our muscles will learn how to hold itself in that position.  This will eventually cause aches and pains.

Most chronic pain, joint degeneration, and recurring injuries are caused by the way we use our bodies.

The only way to release chronic muscle tension is to re-educate the nervous system.

Denyse uses techniques such as Somatics and Bones for Life to teach clients how to engage their nervous system in an active learning process that consists of very slow, focused movements.

What are your classes like?

Denyse’s classes are friendly and relaxed.  You’ll finish up with a sensation of deep relaxation but having worked your body in a very different way.  Movements are slow to enable your brain to become involved.  This is critical as it is your brain (nervous system) that is the control centre of your body.  By performing these specific movements, injuries, aches and pains can be eliminated.

Who teaches your classes?

Denyse teaches all classes and has studied for over 20 years to understand the mechanics of the mind and the body.  Denyse works in a style that simplifies the complex process between the brain, muscles and senses.   She provides very clear, step by step instructions to ensure her clients get the most out of each movement. 

Who comes to your classes?

A wide range of people come to Denyse’s classes from athletes with injuries to those who want to keep moving long into retirement.   Anyone wanting to improve posture, move with ease or reduce aches and pains will find the classes extremely beneficial.

Do you offer private classes and group?

Currently Denyse offers both group and private online classes.    See class information for more details.